Putting new technology to work for you and your home.

As with most professions, we have seen several technological advances over the past several years.

The use of these tools is included in the standard inspection fee.

Inspection ReportsMoisture MetersHydrometerInfrared Technology
We use a computerized reporting system which gives the client an easy to read report delivered via e-mail the same day the home inspection is performed.

The report includes digital pictures which make it easier to identify problems. The report can easily be forwarded by the client or us to a realtor or any other 3rd party if requested by the client.

We use two different types of moisture meters.

One is a contact type moisture meter allowing us to verify if moisture is present and the other meter allows us to measure the actual percentage of moisture content

Hydrometers can be used to determine the level of humidity in the air.
Our Infrared Imaging Camera can detect differences in temperature throughout the home that are not visible to the naked eye.

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