Even new construction needs a thorough inspection.

Buyers of new construction sometimes question the need for a home inspection.

The thought is that everything in the home is new so why would a home inspection be needed? The builder works with a team of sub-contractors for each phase of construction – foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, etc. Each build has its own set of challenges such as weather, schedules and a rotation of different employees and sub-contractors. Each sub-contractor wants to do his piece of the job well but in some cases their work can negatively impact work of another. For instance, the plumber may cut a floor joist to run a plumbing pipe, an electrician may remove insulation to install fixtures or a contractor working in a tight crawl space can disturb ductwork.

A thorough inspection by a home inspector who has not been involved in the construction of the home can give a buyer confidence that all issues have been identified and resolved before closing on the property.

If a buyer did not get a home inspection at the time of purchase, another option is to have a home inspection just prior to the one year warranty expiring. This allows the homeowner another opportunity to have the home inspected and notify the builder of any issues.

The state of Virginia requires that all certified home inspectors inspecting new construction hold the New Residential Structure (NRS) designation. The NRS designation requires ongoing training.

Terry Jenkins is a state certified home inspector with the NRS designation.