The advantages of a Conditioned Crawlspace

A conditioned crawl space has a vapor barrier that has been installed in a manor so that it is glued/taped at the walls, piers and seams covering 100% of the ground.

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  • Any foundation vents present need to be sealed off from the interior of the crawl space with foam board. The insulation is installed on the interior of the foundation wall. This insulation can be vinyl faced batt insulation, rigid foam board or closed cell spray foam.
  • The band areas can be sprayed with closed cell foam or have batt insulation installed in them.
  • Small vents are installed in the main HVAC trunk to provide conditioned air for the crawl. If the main duct work is not located in the crawl, an HVAC contractor can install a duct through a closet to the crawl to provide this conditioned air.
  • In some municipalities a transfer grill is required to be installed in the floor to allow air from the crawl to return to the HVAC system.
  • Typically, there is no insulation in the floor between the joists.